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On the slate for 2014: Tom returns from Baghdad in July, then we move to the D.C. area in August for two years. Tom will do some traveling to Europe for work, but for the most part we are in the motherland until at least July 2016, raising babies and being awesome.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Five Weeks!

Five weeks (or thereabouts) until our little boy will be born! Five weeks is a terrifyingly short amount of time. I still have to get ready! Like, I have to dust under the furniture and set up fun, enriching activity boxes that CJ can do while I'm breastfeeding. I have to cook four months worth of food for the freezer and sort through all of CJ's clothes to weed out the ones that don't fit anymore. I have to drink copious amounts of water and pregnancy tea and do kegals and daily hypnobabies self hypnosis sessions for labor! Ha! Ha ha ha. Ha.


Oh, those are nice thoughts. Maybe I'll get some of those things done half way.

Here are some photos from December and January. Tom was here for a FANTASTIC visit around Christmas. We loved having him home and CJ was sad when he left (which was almost unbearable for me and Tom to see). It's the first time she showed signs of missing him, but she was over it in less than a week. I think I've said this here before, but as tough as it is to raise a young toddler (and soon a newborn, too!) without Tom around most of the time, I'm so glad Tom is doing this unaccompanied tour now and not five years from now. The separation is so much easier on very young children.

Without further ado...the picture show:

CJ is standing on her head in the crib.

Both feet balanced against the crib bars, head and hands on mattress.

New baby! This ultrasound photo was taken at 28 weeks in my pregnancy.

Trying out Aunt Ginny's new scarf

When I go to Gaga's house I sit on giant cans of peppers and eat my weight in animal crackers.

Bike ride with Dad!

Christmas Eve family photo

Christmas morning

Playing with Auggie and the Lamoureux family

Chase me, Auggie!!!

CJ loves this giant Christmas tree.

Aunt Alison is the best because she has baby games on her iPhone, just in case.

Flowers from Tom

I'm feeling sappy...this is from 2007. I was barely 23 and Tom was about to turn 25. Before law school, the Foreign Service, marriage, kids. I wonder what I would have said if someone told me then what was in store for us. I think I wouldn't have believed it because it would sound too good to be true.

Aww...soon we'll have another one of these! Here's CJ newly born and being held by her Dad.

Alert and ready to explore the world right from the start.

I wasn't feeling extremely loving after two sleepless nights of early labor, about 15 hours of intense contractions, and 2 or 3 hours of pushing, so thank God Tom was there to give this little baby some tenderness. Fingers crossed for a quicker birth with the next one! 

I love you, Tom. I love you, CJ. I love you, new baby. I love you friends and family. We don't see you nearly enough!

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  1. Great post...it made me feel sappy! Love the pics of tom reading to cj and the pre marriage and kids one of u and tom. Crazy how long ago that care free life feels isnt it? Andrew and I often talk about what it wouls be like if one of us could go back in time and yell the other what was to come. Im with u..I think it would seem to good to be true:) cant believe ur little guy is due in just 5 weeks. Cant wait to meet him!